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This page explains how jersey numbers are assigned

Players will be assigned a number when they first join, and should be able to retain that same number as long as they play with Wayland Youth Lacrosse.  Once a number is assigned, it will not be given to another player in the same age group.  This will eliminate the confusion of watching a game and having multiple players with the same number.

We assign your player her number when she orders her jersey from Brine's.

Below is a chart of the number ranges for each year of graduation. For example, all girls in 7th grade in 2016 will have a number between 60-89.

It is fine to use a jersey that has been 'passed along' to your daughter (even though that 'passed along' jersey number may not be in her assigned number range), just please inform the commisioner of this so we can avoid issuing duplicate numbers.

Grade in 2015-2016  High School
Graduation Year
Uniform Numbering 
8   2020 1-29
7  2021  60-89
 6  2022  30-59
 5  2023  1-29
 4  2024  60-89
 3  2025  30-59
 2  2026  1-29
 1  2027 60-89
K  2028 30-59