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Welcome to Wayland Youth Lacrosse

Wayland Youth Lacrosse offers lacrosse programs for the young people of Wayland, Massachusetts and promotes the participation, appreciation, and excitement for the sport of lacrosse in our town.  We provide parallel programs for boys and girls from kindergarten to eighth grade of all experience levels and abilities.  Our primary programs are in the spring months of March through June and include team practices and league games against teams from other nearby towns.  All players are welcome and there are no tryouts or eliminations for our Classic town teams.  We additionally offer Select teams in the spring for players seeking additional lacrosse opportunities as well other skills clinics and activities at other points in the year.  We are an all-volunteer 503(c) organization that is affiliated with US Lacrosse, Founders Girls Lacrosse League (FGLL) for our girls’ teams, and Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) for our boys’ teams.

Wayland Youth Lacrosse Vision

Wayland Youth Lacrosse envisions our lacrosse program being a central, competitive, and successful part of the athletic life for both boys and girls of Wayland, Massachusetts.  We aspire for our program to transform the skills and character of our players and to create a passion for the game of lacrosse in all members of our community.

Wayland Youth Lacrosse Mission Statement

The mission of Wayland Youth Lacrosse is to provide all youth of Wayland, Massachusetts with the opportunity to learn the sport of lacrosse, develop both skills and lifelong values, and acquire a sense of pride in their accomplishments.  We seek to create a lacrosse program that supports the athletic and character growth of each player and advances the understanding of and love for lacrosse in the town of Wayland.

Wayland Youth Lacrosse Values

Wayland Youth Lacrosse is guided by core values that inform all we do.  Our program seeks not just to develop the lacrosse skills and enjoyment of every player, but also character traits that will benefit each of them on and off the field now and in the future.  Players and coaches commit to uphold the following values at all times:

  • Fun - Our first priority is for all participants to have fun playing lacrosse.  We want the experience in our programs to be rewarding for all.
  • Respect - All coaches, parents, and players must show respect for all teammates, coaches, opponents, rules, and officials at all times.  There are no exceptions.  Good sportsmanship is imperative.
  • Commitment - While we recognize all have busy lives, we expect our players and coaches to make their lacrosse teams a priority.  We also seek for every participant to give their best effort in all they do.
  • Contribution - The contributions of every player in our program matters regardless of skill level.  We value the impact each player has and recognize that everyone has something to offer.
  • Team - Each player and coach takes responsibility for building solid relationships with all teammates.  Lacrosse, like life, is about caring for and working with others and making those around us better.
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